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Pro Audio Acoustic

Designing a recording or broadcast studio can be a daunting task. From sound isolation, through walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows, to reverb reduction, sound diffusion, deflection and absorption.

Acoustic GRG Europe Manufacture and supply the RPG Diffusor  the world’s leader in Pro-Audio Acoustic Systems.

Products available include:

Abffusor : The Worlds first combination Absorber and Defuser Panel

Abflector : An innovative hinged panel designed to absorb interfering reflections from boundary surfaces.

Absorber : Custom made panels from25mm to 150mm thick in sizes 400X600mm to 2700x1200mm.

BAD Panel : The Binary Amplitude Diffsorbor, combining high frequency diffusion with low frequency absorption.

Diffractal Panel : Provides high frequency diffusion without additional absorption.

FlutterFree : The first acoustical hardwood molding that controls flutter echo by diffusion.

Procorner : NRC of 1 for exceptional broad-band frequency width absorption.

RPG Skyline : The industry’s first and most efficient omnidirectional primitive root number theory two diffusor.

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