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Acoustic Baffles

Available in light weight foam or durable steel, Acoustic baffles are the ideal solution for reducing noise in a large open space building. They can be fixed directly to the soffit or hung from cables to the most effective height.

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Acustica Integral

Metal EKOBAF from Acustica integral offer a durable solution to ambient noise caused by ceiling reflections and reverberation in a premises.

Pinta Linear

Pinta Linear is the answer to the rising demands for comfort in the modern office where exposed concrete soffits cause noise reflection. They can be fitted directly to the soffit using an aluminium load bearing profile.


Fret is a new sustainable acoustic absorber system created from 100% polyester fibres, with at least 30% recycled content


A variation of RPG Absorber, which can be wrapped in a wide range of fabrics, to achieve class A acoustic performance. Typically suited to high spaces, conference halls and study halls.