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Huet Acoustic Doors

  • Supreme Performance: 51 – 55 Rw dB rated
  • High Performance: 45 – 47 Rw dB rated
  • Medium Performance: 35 – 42 Rw dB rated

Having one of the highest levels of acoustic rating for a timber doorset on the market today, our 51 Rw dB doorset performs to the levels required in music rooms, recording studios, television studios and sports auditoria.

Thanks to our expertise in acoustics developed over 65 years, we can supply a high-performance range of doorsets with some of the thinnest door leafs available. With a choice of acoustic doorset rated from 29 Rw dB to 55 Rw dB, we have a product to match any requirement.

The “Pyroporte” doorset is a specific concept of metal frame for plasterboard partition. A timber insert within the frame adds strength to ensure performance of the doorleaf and partition in the event of a fire.

For the education sector, there is a variety of doors and finishes to choose from, including laminates, veneers and vision panels. We manufacture almost 600,000 timber doorsets each year, the economy of scale we achieve means we can supply a 39 Rw dB doorset at a lower price point than many of our competitors 35 Rw dB products.

Our door leafs have substantial hardwood stiles on all four edges.

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