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Alara-Lukagro Doors

Why choose Alara-Lukagro? Because we offer you assurance.
Assurance that you have chosen the best doors for your project.

Certified: Alara-Lukagro is a pioneer in certified soundproof doors. Not only the most diverse combinations but also the most ambitious properties have been tested and certified.

Durable: Steel doors with a long lifespan as a result of the use of durable materials. The doors are highly suitable for application in energy-neutral projects due to their thermal insulation properties.

Hassle-free: Alara-Lukagro is a compact, committed and flexible organisation, which enables us to quickly adapt. We take care of engineering, manufacturing, delivering, installing and maintaining the doors. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with us, whether you require standard doors or your project is more complex.

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Sound Insulating Doors